Virtual Reality and Public History

How could virtual reality be best used for public humanities? One immediate thought is that virtual reality would be an excellent tool for teaching history.

Beyond Wikipedia: Notes on Robert Lowell's Family
"Family connexions are part of the poetry of history," Noel Annan asserted in "The Intellectual Aristocracy", one of the most famous essays ever written on British culture. Fortunately or unfortunately, it would be fair to embellish Annan's point by adding that sometimes "family connexions are part of the history of poetry." That, at least, is what this post seeks to demonstrate.
In defense of the diachronic (but possibly not of narrativity)
This is a response to Joshua Landy’s post “What’s wrong with narrative?” I'm coming late to this discussion; more to the point, I'm an art historian, and not a scholar of literature, and therefore am familiar with a different range of critical writing than some of you. I'm also a Sinologist and not a scholar of Western culture.