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Humanities Futures

Debates have raged over whether the latest crisis of the humanities is rhetoric or reality. In either case, perceptions matter, and such perceptions have real consequences. So what should be done?

The Utility of the Humanities in the 21st Century
As machines creep ever further into work that requires thinking and judgment, human creativity, interpretation, emotions, and reasoning will become increasingly important. STEM may just lead to its own obsoleteness, and in doing so increases the value of professionals trained in the humanities.
"Crisis in the Humanities" Day at MLA
Here is a letter I sent Rosemary Feal, the Executive Director of the MLA.  Rosemary responded promptly but said that these programs came out of the different divisions, discussion groups, and special sessions, and reflect the wishes of the membership of MLA.  I'm sure that's so but would we could make it otherwise.  Yes we can!  At least this Old Timer thinks so.