Thing Theory at Expanded Scale

Kate Marshall remarks on the scalar pressures that contemporary critical thought has been placing on the field of thing theory in the past decade and a half. She looks at three aspects of this scalar shift: the placement of things in ever-expanding timescales; the cosmological positioning of things either distant or grandiose; and the attempts to thingify systems and collectives.

Beating True: Figuring Object Life Beyond Ontology
One premise different materialist theories share is that things are alive and kicking: no longer inert matter or mere backdrop of human action and consciousness, the world of objects is seen to have a vitality of its own. While it is important to remember that physical things continue to exist after their social lives (in a narrow sense) have ended, we need to complicate the stories we tell about their active trajectories.
Thing Theory 2017: A Forum
In 2001, when Bill Brown published his essay on “Thing Theory,” it seemed that scholars were tired of subjects. But now, nearly two decades later, one must wonder if we’ve also grown tired of things.