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"Man In a Dress?" Trans of Color Aesthetics in the Afterlife of Colonial Gender

Date and Time: 
Friday, January 24, 2020. 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
Meeting Location: 
Humanities Center Board Room
Reframing Fashion Studies: Performance, Gender, and the Body
Meeting Description: 

What would it mean to accept the biological body as one of many potential bodies? To recognize that the category of biological sex is an aesthetic project, not an empirical reality? As the body politic continues to disarticulate transfeminine lives from its constitution, it is important to affirm the ways in which transfemininity not only expands cis ideas of gender, but also of embodiment itself. Transfeminine creators continue to use fashion and cosmetic technologies as political modalities to escape the biopolitical grasps of contemporary embodiment. In this talk, transfeminine artist ALOK will draw from their own design practice to show how new/old bodies are being birthed, ones which blur normative distinctions between interiority/exteriority, science/culture, and the body and its adornments.

ALOK (they/them) is an internationally-acclaimed non-binary performance artist, designer, and educator. ALOK appeared on HBO's "The Trans List" and "Random Acts of Flyness." They are the author of the poetry book Femme in Public, a meditation on anti-trans harassment, and the forthcoming book Beyond the Gender Binary a clarion call for a new approach to gender in the 21st century. In 2019 ALOK was honored as one of NBC's 30 LGBTQ Changemakers and one of Out Magazine's Out100.

Co-sponsored by the Feminist/Queer Colloquium.