When the Web Works
While I am, in theory, a big proponent of the digital humanities, I'm also frequently underwhelmed by projects sold under that label. That's why I was excited recently to find a low-key, creative, straightforward example of how the internet can contribute substantively to humanities scholarship.
I Long Dared Not Speak
I've returned from Poland.  It will take me a while to process the amazing things I've seen, from the Baltic to the Black Madonna of Czestochowa.  For now, I thought I'd just rave a little bit more about Anna Akhmatova.
Hello Goodbye Hello
Here at the University of Washington, our over-long academic year is finally ending, and I am eager to be gone.  Quick as I can, I'll be at a spa near Poznań in Poland, first stop on a East European vacation.  I thought I'd post a poem about departures:  Anna Akhmatova's "Pesnia poslednei vstrechi" (Song of the Last Meeting).