But in the void, young residents like the Corner Boys have developed new, creative, online strategies for making ends meet.
An Author of Our American Times
Putting up with the hectic world of social media is not the sole challenge contemporary authors are facing. We are expected to master performance art and entertain an audience not only through our written work, but also by means of public talks and appearances. 
When the Web Works
While I am, in theory, a big proponent of the digital humanities, I'm also frequently underwhelmed by projects sold under that label. That's why I was excited recently to find a low-key, creative, straightforward example of how the internet can contribute substantively to humanities scholarship.
The Spin
Of the many video clips currently circulating on social media sites, one of the most revealing is the one featuring Fox News personalities Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly discussing the recent events surrounding the pepper spraying of non-violent student protesters on the UC Davis campus on November 18. 
Friendship as Commodity
Question: Where does friendship turn into a thing? Answer: On Facebook. I don’t mean that new digital technologies convert friends into objects. This would be a simplistic reading of social media. I argue, rather, that they transform our human desire for connections into a commercial activity.