How Religions Become Fundamentalist
I just posted an excerpt from chapter three of In Defense of Religious Moderation on the blog Religion in American History ( As the editor, Paul Harvey, notes, the "post is particularly timely here after the events in Norway and yesterday's commemoration of 9/11, both of which suggest that the ancient ideal of moderation still has an awful lot going for it."
Object-Oriented Ontology Talks 9/11
An explosion is frightening not only because it threatens me. An explosion is frightening because it's ontologically uncanny. This uncanniness underlies the physical threat. What uncanniness? Quite simply, an object that just functions in “my world”—a plane, a skyscraper—suddenly comes to life in a very different way. My world wavers for a moment—even collapses.
Where have POSTINDUSTRIAL BOYS gone? By 2010
It was the year 1999.  It was in hot Phoenix, Arizona, when I wrote this poem.  It was a time when everybody was excited about the new age, where you could have gotten in touch with your friends on different continents through the Internet and low cost phone calls.