Richard Read

Richard Read is Emeritus Professor and Senior Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, Perth. He wrote the first book on the British psychoanalytic art critic Adrian Stokes and has published extensively on the relationship between literature and the visual arts, the history of art criticism and theory, nineteenth and twentieth-century visual arts, and complex images in global contexts. His anthology of essays on Colonization, Wilderness and Other Spaces: Nineteenth-Century American and Australian Landscape Painting, co-edited with Kenneth Haltman was published in 2020 by the Terra Foundation for American Art and the Yale E-Portal in 2022. Sensory Perception, History and Geology: The Afterlife of Molyneux’s Question in British, American and Australian Landscape Painting and Cultural Thought was published by Cambridge University Press in 2022. He lectures internationally, particularly on his book project, Intra-Extra-Recto Verso: the Reversed Canvas in Western Art, but enjoys engaging locally with the general public.

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