In the wide array of ideas represented by Arcade, our Publications offer the most formal kind of writing: scholarly journals and, coming in 2024, an encyclopedia.

All three of the journals are native to Arcade and appear only online; two of the three, Dibur and Republics of Letters, are conventionally peer-reviewed while the third, Occasion, is overseen by an advisory board whose members serve as editors and reviewers of particular numbers.

The connections between the journals and the rest of Arcade mean that readers may discover an idea in its first expression as a post in the Interventions feature, then encounter it again as a contribution to a Colloquy and finally in a peer-reviewed article. This life-cycle of ideas is central to Arcade's mission of showing the humanities in the world.



Arcade sponsors three journals in the humanities: Dibur, Occasion, and Republics of Letters

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Dibur is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to Hebrew, Jewish, and comparative literature.

Recent Issue

Fall 2023
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Occasion is thus named both to signal the “event” of the convening and publication of a set of papers on a specific topic in interdisciplinary humanities, and to prompt—“to occasion”— such collaboration and exploration. With the aid of a distinguished editorial board, we publish special issues on timely and critical topics.

Recent Issue

Volume 13
August 12, 2022
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Republics of Letters is a peer-reviewed, digital journal dedicated to the study of knowledge, politics, and the arts, from Antiquity to the present, with an emphasis on the early modern period. Articles are organized by forum, each of which continues to accept new material over time.


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