SaaCapitalist Torture: Why Do We Need Brecht in Georgia?

On Tuesday, Georgian TV unveiled unprecedented facts of torture and rape of inmates, some of whom are under age of 18 that were used by the government of Mikheil Saakashvili, friend of Mr. Bush and Senator McCain. This is not just a copy of Aby Ghraib tortures but even going further. This is another darling of right wing capitalist propaganda, "Pro-Western", "Reformer, "Defender of Private Property", etc

Someone from the Georgian Interior Ministry has leaked out tapes of torture of prisoners, who are being publicly raped by the administration and humiliated in the name of SaaCapitalism.
In this video the underage person is beaten and tortured and asked to swear at thieves. He is ordered to swear at thieves but not the main thieves that are in the government and big corporations. He is tortured in the name of big thieves and asked to swear at petty thieves.
This is where 'Mack The Knife' comes to my memory. These big thieves that have everything are kidnapping our children and raping them and asking them to swear at everyone who is against them. They extort money from everyone they don't like. Here is where I agree with Zizek, when he writes about this elite, that they deserve the worst punishment, in his book 'Violence" and he cites Brecht. These guys torture and rape their own people just to defend their own 'property' and not to allow "Mack the Knife' to steal from them.
I am taking the side of "Mack the Knife"I am going to Georgia tomorrow to perform against this terrorist regime together with Riot Girls and other Georgian artists. We will be there starting September 24 performing day and night against torture, rape, humiliation in the name of 'property' and 'order'.
Georgia needs justice—but there is no justice in Neoliberal system of Saakashvili. Best justice that Georgia has seen was during Azdak, the judge from "Caucasian Chalk Circle" and alcoholic judge, whom Georgian people remember forever, since it was during his time, when justice reigned in this country.
That is why we need Bertolt Brecht again in Georgia.
That is why we are going there to perform against the oppressive regime and to demand "Azdaks Justice".
"Azdak Theater' is opening up in Georgia against oppression, torture, murder, humiliation and for life and equality. It will be live-streamed and you can participate in this theater from wherever you are.
No to torture, no to SaaCapitalism. And yes, to Brecht!

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