Second place turkey: an apt metaphor for the recorded music industry
November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Today is my favorite of all holidays. If you ignore the whole set of associations with native American genocide it is, quite literally just an occasion to say thanks -- a kind of non-denominational, all-inclusive moment of grace.

Even the food is pretty good.

Image removed.

Which brings me to the picture of Stud Turkey, my collaborative entry to Todo Mundo's annual Turkey-shaped Jell-O® Mold competition. (Todo Mundo is David Byrne's independent record label, though the studio also produces his art & book projects.) My co-chief (who deserves most of the credit) & I (who does not) won second prize for this chocolate panna cotta concoction, infused with cheap bourbon & covered in powdered chocolate and those edible silver ball things that one used to find on cupcakes more often before everyone was worried about mercury poisoning. In handing over our award it was described as "A cogent commentary on the current state of the music industry." Our only thought was that it looked like leather jacket that an Eagles fan from Albuquerque might wear for a night out.

We happened to think even more of our non-placing entry, Gilty Pleasure, a bacon infused panna cotta turkey covered in gold leaf. In the judging, it was referred to as the Damien Hirst of turkeys which, while accurate, goes to show the need to control your own context. We thought of it more as part two of a diptych about 80s rock'n'roll. (Gold records, et. al.)

Image removed.

You can read more on the non-blog of Todo Mundo's art director Danielle Spencer or the coverage on The New Yorker's blog -- including details on the awe-inspiring first prize winner, a burger-shaped entry by David Hunter. He definitely got my vote.

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