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Richard Kraut /Tanner Discussion One

The Tanner Lectures consist of two lectures, each followed by a distinct discussion seminar.
This year's Tanner Lectures are given by Richard Kraut, Charles and Emma Morrison Professor in the Humanities at Northwestern University. 
Discussion One focuses on the first lectureThe Richness of Human ExperienceWednesday, April 19  5:30-7pm
Abstract: This lecture introduces the historical problem that concerns me: the connection, if there is any, between well-being and virtue. It then turns to an extended discussion of McTaggart’s puzzle and various solutions to it.  A major topic is the contribution made by pleasure to the value of an experience. Nozick’s puzzle is introduced but postponed.
Discussion One commentators are:Rachel Barney, University of Toronto, Classics and PhilosophyTom Hurka, University of Toronto, Philosophy
Lecture Two: Virtue and ExperienceThursday, April 20  5:30-7pm
Discussion TwoFriday, April 21  10am-12pmCommentators are:Stephen Darwall, Yale PhilosophyRebecca Newberger Goldstein, Author
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Thursday, April 20, 2017. 10:00 AM


Encina Hall, Oksenberg Room


McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, Office of the President, Department of Philosophy




Free and open to the public.