Research Workshops

The Research Workshops encourage Stanford faculty, graduate students, SHC fellows, and visitors to explore interdisciplinary topics of broad interest. Some groups are close-knit and local, while others convene members from around the Bay Area and beyond. Some workshops meet for a year or two, while others have existed for more than ten years. Despite their variety, all workshops serve as an origin for collaborative projects and the development of networks across conventional borders, fields, and periods.

The heart of the Research Workshop experience is the involvement of graduate students as co-chairs, presenters, and discussants. Many dissertations that were presented to a workshop as a work in progress have matured into influential articles and books; Stanford PhDs often look back on the intellectual intensity and warm collegiality of these groups as formative to their graduate years. In recent years, the online presence of the workshops has expanded, permitting alumni and former fellows to remain connected to the intellectual life of the Center.