A New Opportunity for Students in 2022–23

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An organization for Stanford undergraduates interested in the humanities, Humanitrees sponsors events and gatherings, brings students and alumni together, and promotes community. Together we celebrate the intellectual richness of humanistic thinking and consider how it applies to the world, including careers and life after Stanford.

Humanitrees encourages a sense of identity and purpose for humanities-interested students amidst the STEM fields. Members are also offered exclusive workshops on matters of intellectual and professional interest (for example, how to obtain internships or how to break into the publishing industry) and seating at major Humanities Center events, among other benefits. Members may be majoring in any department or undeclared. By signing up, you help us assemble a mailing list for events and opportunities.  

For its first year in 2022-23, the group will sponsor a monthly event of intellectual or professional interest.