Hume Honors Fellows

Hume Honors Fellows: 

Calico Ducheneaux

Hume Honors Fellow
Shared identity amongst Sovereign Nations?: A perception study of Native American English (NAE)

Ananya Karthik

Hume Honors Fellow
Political Science and Computer Science, Honors in Ethics in Society; Minor in Human Rights
Reimagining Data Subjecthood

Angie Lopez

Hume Honors Fellow
Art History; Minor in French
In a Queer Time and Spirit: The Cross-Temporality and Mysticism of Georgiana Houghton’s Spirit Drawings

Ximena Sanchez Martinez

Hume Honors Fellow
Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity; Minor in Biology
The Next Step: A Study of the Experiences of DACA and Undocumented Students on the Transition Post-College Graduation

Claudia Nmai

Hume Honors Fellow
Sociology; Minor in African and African American Studies
The Intergenerational Consequences of Policing on Black Immigrant Families

Ashwin Pillai

Hume Honors Fellow
Philosophy and Political Science; Minor in Music
Standing Doctrine, Generalized Grievances, and the Separation of Powers

Stephen Sharp Queener

Hume Honors Fellow
International Relations; Minor in German Studies
The Political Power of the Ban on War: Development, Practice, and a Defense of Legalism

Christina Shen

Hume Honors Fellow
Art History
Flesh Matters: Corporeal Materiality, Medical Commodification, and the Social Body in Chinese “Flesh” Art

Camellia Ye

Hume Honors Fellow
English and Economics
Milton’s “Intestine War”: Revolutionary Sensation and Inaction in “Paradise Lost”

Vivian Zhu

Hume Honors Fellow
East Asian Studies and International Relations; Minor in Economics
Indulgence or Escape? Chinese Women Reading and Writing "Danmei" Fiction