Hume Honors Fellows

Hume Honors Fellows: 

Nitara Connally

Hume Honors Fellow
Comparative Literature
Poetics of Annihilation: On Black Messianic Nihilism and the Ruse of Teleology

Becca De Los Santos

Hume Honors Fellow
French; Minor in History
“Poor Souls” and “Dangerous Vagabonds”: the Enslaved Pursuit of Liberation in Post-Abolition Senegal, 1848–1865

Julia Karig Feinberg

Hume Honors Fellow
English; Minor in Mathematics
Dryden's Civic Muse and Poetic Constitution: A Treatise on the Political Poetics of the Reigning Public Poet

Briana Garcia

Hume Honors Fellow
Rhetorics of Hair and Skin Tone: Racialization and Identity Formation in Mexican American and Dominican Diasporic Literature

Baird Johnson

Hume Honors Fellow
Perpetuating the Union: The Struggle for American Federalism

Nicholas Rosenbaum

Hume Honors Fellow
Comparative Literature and German Studies; Minor in History and Political Science
"At Moments, the Gods Were There": A Lineage of German Thinkers on the Denial of the Human (as δεινός) Since the Presocratics

Ethan Strombeck

Hume Honors Fellow
History; Minor in Computer Science
Fever Dreams: Chilean Migration and the Making of Gold Rush California

Noah Sveiven

Hume Honors Fellow
Model Humans: Interpreting Apes, Creating Data, 1960–1979

Cindy Xin

Hume Honors Fellow
Philosophy and Symbolic Systems
Boredom as a Fitting Response

Serena Zhou

Hume Honors Fellow
Philosophy; Minor in Math and Honors in Ethics in Society
From Retribution to Forgiveness: Justifying Punishment Through Relational Egalitarianism