Reserving Space

Use of space at the Stanford Humanities Center is limited to academic events such as lectures, conferences, and seminar meetings that are free and open to the public.

The Center offers conference and meeting spaces that have been upgraded as "Zoom Rooms" with teleconferencing capabilities and functions for hosting virtual events, hybrid, or in-person only (without teleconference).

Main conference rooms (Levinthal Hall and Board Room) are equipped with high-quality 4k-cameras, multi-directional microphones, high-range speaker systems, DCP projector (Mp4 non-compatible), and retractable screens. A mobile a/v cart used in other smaller spaces is also available for teleconference events. Guests have access to lobby restrooms.

Building access is through Lenel Card Reader: accurate start/end times must be provided in advance for programming unlock/lock times. (The Humanities Center remains locked at all times, including normal hours of operation (8:00 a.m. to  5:00 p.m.)

Use of outdoor spaces (SHC Levinthal patio and/or Watt patio) require separate reservations and/or fees. It is highly recommended Kennedy Grove be reserved at 25Live to avoid any potential scheduling conflict adjacent to SHC patio areas mentioned above.

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Levinthal Hall — Capacity/distancing: 107/60 

NOTE: Requires hiring an a/v technician for any teleconference event. Depending on availability, trained graduate students are available for hire. Contact

  • Lectern with microphone
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Four 4K resolution cameras
  • Overhead/ceiling mics and high-range speakers; Additional mics include 3 handheld; 2 lavaliers
  • HD-DCP projector (Mp4 non-compatible) and retractable screen
  • iPad to join network/platform
  • Creston control panel to operate equipment (operated only by a/v technician)


  • $600 without teleconferencing
  • $1,500 with teleconferencing
  • $500 weekend surcharge
Board Room

Board Room (optional a/v technician) — Capacity/distancing: 48/20 

  • Lectern
  • Large conference table (seats 18)
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Two 4k-resolution cameras
  • Overhead ceiling mics
  • High-range speakers
  • HD projector and retractable screen
  • iPad to join network/platform and operate equipment


  • $300 without teleconferencing
  • $750 with teleconferencing (50% room deposit required)
  • $500 weekend surcharge
SHC Patio

SHC Patio — Capacity: 8-100

  • 2 Separate areas for outdoor meeting/reception events 
  • Small area: fabric sofa, chairs and wood end tables (capacity 8-12)
  • Large area: open, empty space for set-up of meetings, buffets, reception events (capacity up to 100)
  • Space heaters
  • Shade umbrellas
  • Vicinity:  Tresidder (public parking), Faculty Club, Black Community Services Center, Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden, Windhover Meditation Center, Kennedy Grove, Roble Gym (public parking)

All spaces/rooms feature wi-fi connectivity through the Stanford network, accessible entrances/exits, nearby restrooms, and additional high-performance, portable air purifiers to enhance ventilation of the building's existing HVAC system. 


Reservations are continuously accepted (throughout the academic year) for consideration.   Submit no less than 72 hours prior to your event.


The Confirmation Agreement outlines reservation details for space usage. Upon receipt, it is to be signed and returned. An "Events Checklist" is also included and describes in length event planning at the Humanities Center. It is your responsibility to read and comply with this agreement.