Facilities Guidelines

The Humanities Center is designed to provide a quiet atmosphere in which Humanities Center Fellows carry out their research and writing.

All groups using Levinthal Hall or the Board Room should make every effort to maintain this atmosphere. 

  • When reserving Levinthal Hall and/or the Board Room, guests have access to the main lobby and adjacent restrooms.  All other spaces are off limits.
  • Use of Humanities Center facilities for conferences is limited to humanities departments and programs.
  • Any conference using Levinthal Hall is required to bring a person to set up in the lobby to field inquiries. Humanities Center staff is not available to answer questions for conference participants.
  • Limited food and drink served in conjunction with your event is permitted. Please contact the Office Coordinator to work out the specifics for your event.
  • Please provide your own food, dishes and catering. No kitchen facilities are available. Groups using Levinthal Hall will serve food in the lobby. If your group is meeting in the Board Room, you may use the table at the back of the room. Preferably, food should be cold and easily portable. If food is left unattended, please leave a sign indicating that your food is restricted to your group. Any spills should be treated immediately. You will be billed for any damage to the carpet and furnishings.
  • If using the Board Room, note the tables are modular and can be reconfigured as desired.
  • No smoking is allowed indoors, outdoors, or near windows or doorways.
  • The Center has a Smart Panel available in Levinthal Hall and and a similar control panel available in the Board Room (see facilities description for details). The Center cannot provide any technical support for your event. You must request technical support and any additional equipment required from Events and Labor Services, http://bgm.stanford.edu/groups/els/index. Please see the checklist for event coordinators for a list of items commonly requested by speakers.
  • Only painter's tape should be used to affix fliers to walls. You will be charged for any damages from use of non-approved adhesive.
  • In order to comply with Stanford University policy regarding children in the workplace, all minors must be accompanied by an adult and remain under adult supervision while in the building or on the premises.
  • If you are using a caterer, we recommend the following companies, all of whom are familiar with our facilities. If you would like to use another caterer, please arrange to meet them at the Center and do a walk-through of the facilities in advance of your event.
    • NeXus Cafe 650.324.3447
    • Rush Hour: 650.306.7874
    • Stanford Catering: 650.725.1503
  • Only one key will be given out per event. The key recipient is responsible for meeting caterers, Event Services, etc.
  • Key pick-up and return: When picking up a key for your event, please be aware that our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm (closed noon-1:00 pm for lunch.) Please return the key the following business day during office hours.


Cleaning Policy

You are responsible for:

  •   Leaving the room the way you found it--including chair placement. Stacking metal chairs (if used) in Levinthal Hall--chairs cannot be placed by the fire door, per the Fire Marshall's instructions.
  • Removing all leftover food and drink before leaving (no food can be left overnight).
  • Organizing the removal of catering equipment.
  • Organizing the removal of AV equipment (this cannot be left overnight).
  • Putting the trash in wastebaskets (putting overflow in the dumpster outside by the parking lot) and removing all meeting materials.

Groups that leave AV equipment, food or trash behind will be charged a fee of $150.00 per instance and denied future use of the facilities. Additionally, you will be billed for any damage to the carpet and furnishings (e.g. spills).

Security Policy

Each group is responsible for locking up at the end of their event. Make certain all windows are secured, and that all doors are locked before leaving.

Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency, use the phone in the lobby to call one of the following numbers:

  • Police/Fire/Medical Emergencies: 9-911
  • Buildings & Grounds Maintenance - Rapid Response: 3-2281