Fellowships for Stanford Undergraduates

The Hume Honors Fellowships are awarded to ten seniors working on an honors thesis in a humanities discipline. Students are nominated by faculty advisors and selected by a faculty committee early in the fall quarter. Hume Honors fellows receive a stipend of $1,500 for research, have an individual desk in the Humanities Center undergraduate office, participate in a variety of group activities throughout the year, and present their honors thesis at a Symposium at the close of the academic year.

  • Faculty interested in nominating a student working on an honors thesis in the humanities are asked to contact Svetlana Turetskaya, International and Academic Programs Manager, sturetsk@stanford.edu
  • To nominate a student faculty will be asked to describe the student’s honors project, commenting on the scholarly significance of their thesis.
  • Nominated students will be contacted by the Humanities Center and asked to provide a statement about their thesis and to answer why being a fellow at the Humanities Center would be beneficial and meaningful.
  • Please note that Hume Honors Fellows are required to be in residence at Stanford for all three quarters of the academic year, and expected to participate in a number of organized activities at the Humanities Center (approximately 1-3 events per quarter).

For more information, contact Svetlana Turetskaya, International and Academic Programs Manager, by email or call (650) 690-0763.

Claudia Nmai

I truly loved knowing that I had a community on campus that was just as motivated by the tremendous spirit of humanistic inquiry as I was.

Hume Honors Fellow
Sociology; Minor in African and African American Studies
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