Fellowships for Stanford Undergraduates

The Hume Honors Fellowships are awarded to ten seniors working on an honors thesis in a humanities discipline. Students are nominated by faculty advisors and selected by a faculty committee early in the fall quarter. Hume Honors fellows receive a stipend of $1,500 for research, have an individual desk in the Humanities Center undergraduate office, participate in a variety of group activities throughout the year, and present their honors thesis at a Symposium at the close of the academic year.

  • Faculty interested in nominating a student working on an honors thesis in the humanities are asked to contact Svetlana Turetskaya, International and Academic Programs Manager, sturetsk@stanford.edu. The deadline to nominate a student is October 16, 2003. 
  • To nominate a student faculty will be asked to describe the student’s honors project, commenting on the scholarly significance of their thesis.
  • Nominated students will be contacted by the Humanities Center and asked to provide a statement about their thesis and to answer why being a fellow at the Humanities Center would be beneficial and meaningful.
  • Please note that Hume Honors Fellows are required to be in residence at Stanford for all three quarters of the academic year, and expected to participate in a number of organized activities at the Humanities Center (approximately 1-3 events per quarter).

For more information, contact Svetlana Turetskaya, International and Academic Programs Manager, by email or call (650) 690-0763.

Angie Lopez

I am deeply appreciative of the community of scholars I was able to share my project with as a result of this fellowship. Besides getting a chance to work under and be mentored by one of my academic idols, I made many unexpected friends that made the thesis process less lonely. Another major benefit was the physical space of the Humanities Center, whose courtyard bore witness to many hours of thesis writing. Having a space, almost sacred in its quietness, to use exclusively as a writing space was key to getting the writing done.

Hume Honors Fellow
Art History; Minor in French
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