Faculty Fellowships FAQ

How many fellowships do you offer each year?

The number of fellows in residence fluctuates each year. In general, the Center offers up to 8 fellowships in each category (external, internal, and dissertation) for a total of approximately 24 fellows.

The number of fellows in residence fluctuates each year. In general, the Center offers up to 8 fellowships in each category (external, internal, and dissertation) for a total of approximately 24 fellows.

We sponsor research in the traditional and emergent disciplines of the humanities and the interpretive social sciences. (Creative arts projects are not eligible.) The projects of our fellows have drawn on every imaginable approach, from conventional methods to those critical of the disciplines themselves.

In partnership with the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, we welcome applications in the digital humanities.

May I propose to turn my dissertation into a book?

For faculty fellowships, we generally give greater preference to junior faculty projects on second books rather than on projects that grow out of a dissertation. Over the years our selection committees have increasingly felt that there are a far greater variety of postdoctoral fellowships that support the transformation of a dissertation into a book, and far fewer fellowships that are geared towards second book projects at this stage of a professor's career. For that reason we tend to support second book projects when all other factors are equal.

Do you ever offer collaborative/shared research group fellowships?

We are not able to accept joint applications per se, but scholars working together may each apply independently for separate fellowships, indicating in their application that you are working collaboratively. It would be up to the selection committee to decide on the merits of each proposal. Given the competitive nature of the competition, it is unlikely that all members of a research group will receive awards; please plan accordingly, and only apply with projects that are viable if not all collaborators are granted fellowships.

May I apply to less than a full academic year scholarship?

Our fellowships are for one academic year, and require the fellow to be in residence. We do not consider applications for different amounts of time.

May I defer a fellowship for a year?

We do not accept deferrals for any Humanities Center fellowships. Should you be unable to accept a fellowship, the award will be offered to an alternate.

What is the amount of the external fellowship stipend?

External fellows are awarded stipends of $70,000, and a housing and moving allowance of up to $40,000. Applicants who require additional support are expected to seek supplementary funding in the form of external grants or sabbatical or other contributions from home institutions.

The Center is unable to provide or finance medical insurance. Fellows are required to make individual arrangements for reasonable coverage during their fellowship year.

Are you able to pay stipends directly to another university?

With the agreement of the other university, the Humanities Center can pay fellowship stipends (but not moving and housing stipends) to their home university directly via a purchase order and contract; about half of our external faculty fellows utilize this to maintain their regular benefits during their fellowship year.

May I submit supplementary materials (i.e. musical scores, articles, photographs)?

We do not accept supplementary materials with applications; any supplementary materials that are received will not be forwarded on to the selection committee.

What if my reference letters arrive late?

We will make every effort to forward late letters on, but cannot guarantee that letters received late will reach selection committee members before the screening of files. You may want to fill in this section before completing the rest of the application in order to give your letter writers ample time to compose and submit their letters.