Ethics and Politics, Ancient and Modern

Marta Sutton Weeks Research Workshop

Sponsored by the Stanford Humanities Center and made possible by support from Marta Sutton Weeks, the Mellon Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities


Ethics and Politics, Ancient and Modern (EPAM) provides a forum for scholars working in philosophy, classics, political science, and intellectual history to present developing research for feedback and mutual enrichment. Typically, papers presented are works in progress that become journal articles, monographs, conference presentations, or dissertation chapters. EPAM aims to provide a focus for Stanford faculty and students with a primary or secondary interest in classical moral and political philosophy, engaging faculty and students from different departments in interdisciplinary inquiry into foundational ethical and political questions. Workshop sessions also provide opportunities to engage with cutting-edge research presented by visiting faculty. Our goal in each workshop session is to better understand classical texts and to explore the enduring relevance of classical ethical and political thought.

 Cover image: Athenian Tribute list detailing the sums its subject states contributed as a tithe for Athena


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