Pheaross Graham

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Music, Stanford University

Dr. Pheaross Graham is a musicologist and classical pianist examining the intersections of theory, practice, and lived experiences of concert performers. His PhD, CPhil, and MA in musicology from UCLA, MFA in piano performance from UC Irvine, and BA in music and BS in microbial biology from UC Berkeley have cultivated interdisciplinary and intertextual leanings in his research. He reads recorded performances as texts, demystifying musicians’ inner worlds. Dr. Graham asks how certain performers, pushed in plain sight to the margins on account of race, class, and identity, carve space for themselves in complicated musical networks. His forthcoming publications include essays on reconstructing Rachmaninoff’s subjectivity (Routledge) and Liberace’s democratic virtuosity (Univ. Illinois Press). He has presented work at the Annual American Musicological Society, Music and the Moving Image, and Music Performance Studies Today conferences. He enjoys initiating and organizing wide-reaching public conversations on performance.

SHC Project

Visions of the Pianistic Self: Don Shirley, Rachmaninoff, and Music Performance Studies