Ximena Sanchez Martinez

Hume Honors Fellow
Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity; Minor in Biology

Ximena Sanchez Martinez is a senior majoring in comparative studies in race and ethnicity with a focus on health and wellness. Her passions include advocating for immigrants’ rights, access to higher education, and access to health care. These passions greatly influence her work and academic goals to become a medical anthropologist and physician. In addition to academic values, Ximena also prioritizes the intersection of art and social justice. The majority of her artwork explores her identity as a first-generation student in higher education. Her current work focuses on spotlighting the stories of immigrants and depicting the obstacles "DREAMers" face when pursuing higher education. She will be working on an art exhibit alongside her honor thesis through the Institute of Diversity and Arts (IDA) Fellowship. 

SHC Project

The Next Step: A Study of the Experiences of DACA and Undocumented Students on the Transition Post-College Graduation